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If you are 17 years of age or younger, the State of Georgia has a Parental Notification Law that must be addressed. Minors under the age of 18 must have parental consent for the abortion. A parent must accompany the patient and have picture ID and birth certificate.


  • Please call and make an appointment. A phone counselor will answer your questions and discuss your fee. Some insurance plans are accepted. For insurance verification, appointments should be made 2-3 days in advance.
  • On the day of your procedure do not take anything by mouth after midnight the night before your surgery. This includes food, water, gum, candy, mints, ice, or smoking cigarettes. This will help avoid nausea and possible serious anesthesia complications.

  • Remove the acrylic nail off of the index fingers on both hands. Remove all nail polish on the remaining fingers.

  • Do not bring any jewelry or valuables. The Atlanta SurgiCenter will not be responsible for lost or stolen items.

  • You are required to bring a responsible adult who can stay with you until you are ready to be discharged by the physician. If you have trouble finding an escort, please ask the phone counselor for assistance. In extreme circumstances, some organizations will provide escorts. So your driver is comfortable while they wait we recommend that they bring a jacket.

  • Bring a bathrobe, a warm pair of socks, and sanitary pads the day of your procedure.

  • All major credit cards, money orders and cashier's checks are accepted. We do not accept personal checks or cash, however, cash will be accepted for any additional fees.

  • Payment is due at the time of service.

  • Please remember children are not permitted. This includes the grounds of the office including the parking lot.



The three-week period following your abortion is very important. This information will help to assure an easy and worry-free recovery. Please read this information and the additional information that you will receive upon your visit carefully.

It is perfectly normal to experience bleeding after the abortion. Some women have bleeding similar to a normal period and others bleed very little or not at all. You will be taking a medication called methergine/ergonovine for a few days following your procedure, which helps to control bleeding and contract the uterus. Your first normal period following the abortion should come in four to six weeks. We ask that you monitor your bleeding for three days after your abortion. If your bleeding becomes excessive and you begin to saturate a full size pad within one hour or if you are passing clots of blood larger than the size of a quarter, you should contact us by calling our emergency number. This number will be given to you during your visit and allows for twenty-four hour emergency accessibility.

It is not unusual to experience cramping after your procedure. You may take any non-aspirin pain reliever or pain reliever that is prescribed to you by us to relieve your discomfort. Avoid aspirin as it may thin the blood and lead to heavier bleeding.

Breast Soreness and Mood Changes
As your hormones shift from the pregnant to the non-pregnant state, you may feel a slight "down" or "blue" period. These feelings should subside in a few days. A small percentage of women experience some increased breast tenderness for a few days after the procedure and some women produce milk. This is best remedied by wearing a tight-fitting bra for 24-48 hours, applying ice to the breasts and by refraining from touching the breasts. Milk production should diminish in a few days.

In order to avoid infection and to ensure a healthy recovery, there are a few restrictions that you must follow for the three-week period following your abortion and until after you have received a follow-up exam. These include abstaining from sexual intercourse, using tampons, douching, tub baths and swimming for three weeks. You should avoid strenuous activities such as heavy lifting (lifting anything over fifteen pounds) and all exercise.


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