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Atlanta SurgiCenter
3114 Mercer University Drive, Suite 100
Atlanta, GA 30341.

Atlanta SurgiCenter is conveniently located in Northwest Atlanta, just off of I-85 next to Mercer University. Call (404) 892-8608 or (800) 282-1046 for appointments and additional information.


Here at the Atlanta SurgiCenter, our first trimester abortions are provided for women who are between 6.0 weeks and 14.0 weeks pregnant. To ensure your safety and well-being, there are several steps that you will take before your abortion procedure.

Every woman at the Atlanta SurgiCenter will have an ultrasound. This advanced diagnostic technique is used to determine the correct length of the pregnancy. It is an important procedure that confirms the physician's preoperative diagnosis and further assures the safety of the patient.

Further laboratory work is completed to screen all potential patients. Routine laboratory analysis includes Rh typing, hemoglobin testing and urinalysis. For patients who are Rh-negative, Rhogam is administered for an additional charge.

Our counseling has proven to be the most important for patients scheduled for abortion. Each woman gets personal, confidential attention and care during her visit. Counseling services are provided by our registered nurse and includes information about the abortion and birth control as well as to help with feelings and concerns related to the termination. Each patient is treated with warmth, understanding, and sensitivity and the patient's family and friends can also receive our counseling services.

Atlanta SurgiCenter performs abortions up to 14.0 weeks of pregnancy by the vacuum aspiration method, the most common method of abortion available today. The procedure involves the gradual widening of the cervix followed by the insertion of a thin flexible tube attached to a vacuum aspirator which gently removes the uterine contents.

A patient who chooses to be totally asleep (if eligible) is given a general anesthetic through an IV. You will not remember, see, or hear anything during the abortion procedure.

A patient who chooses to have twilight anesthesia will have medications given through an IV. Twilight anesthesia is awake conscious sedation. Patients are tranquil while aware of their surroundings. You are relatively pain free. More often than not, a patient can't remember what happened during the abortion procedure.

A patient choosing a local anesthetic is given an injection, which numbs the cervix. During the procedure, the doctor will be explaining what he/she is doing so that there are "no surprises".

All abortion procedures are performed on an ambulatory basis with the pre-abortion work-up and procedure all performed on the same day. Rhogam will be administered for an additional charge to Rh-negative candidates. (See Fee Schedule).

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Atlanta SurgiCenter
3114 Mercer University Drive, Suite 100
Atlanta, Georgia 30341