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Atlanta SurgiCenter is equipped with state of the art anesthesia equipment and a team of Certified Nurse Anesthetists (CRNA) to provide for your anesthesia needs.

Our Team of Nurse Anesthetists brings a total of more than 40 years experience to our facility.

Atlanta SurgiCenter offers three types of anesthesia:

Local Anesthesia
The patient is fully awake during procedure. Patients will receive Xanax pre-op to assist with relaxation. The physician will administer a para-cervical block to numb the cervix area during final dilation prior to surgery. Remaining calm and following the instructions of the OR staff is essential to a safe an uncomplicated procedure with local anesthesia. The CRNA is in the OR during this procedure.

Local with IV Sedation
The CRNAIV will administer IV medications which put you to sleep for the entire procedure.

How do I choose the anesthesia that is right for me?
More often than not, patients can choose the type of anesthesia that works best for them. However, there are some restrictions as to who can and cannot receive General Anesthesia (completely asleep).

The restrictions that may come into play are based on your height, weight and/or your medical history. It is very important that you are honest about your medical history as decisions regarding the best care for you as an individual are made based on this information.

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